Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jackson Gets Teabagged

Well, almost.

We arrived at Caliente to find the patio hopping: a large group next to us, with a kid, and three women nearby. With a male bulldog. Off the leash.

We headed for the empty corner table. The bulldog immediately trotted over to visit. Jackson was on-leash, which can make a guy defensive, so we were nervous. But, charmingly, the bulldog started licking Jackson's balls* like they were pepperoni. Jackson was okay with that. Of course everyone on the patio was in hysterics at that point. Except for Stacy: mortified, face hidden in hands.

After a couple of minutes of this extreme socialization, the bulldog's owner called him back, and, at Stacy's request, leashed him. Things settled down. Jackson had his favorite squeak toy, a pelican in a tutu (photo above). We were able to get him down on his mat for chunks of time, and we got through the meal. I got hammered on fine beers.

When the bulldog group was leaving, the owner apologized. I told her my dog wanted her dog's number. She said that the vet had told her that her dog was "totally gay." (I haven't kept up with canine sexual orientation testing; apparently it's quite advanced.) I said that Jackson was straight, but willing to experiment.

All in all, a successful brunch.

* What's left of them, anyway.


  1. Too funny -- I can picture Stacy being mortified. I have to agree with the other dog's owner -- I mean ball licking is a bit gay, right?

  2. Part of parenthood is pretending the situation is "charming" even when it is not. Now, Jackson toting a pink pelican in a might have to rethink that "straight but willing to experiment" idea...

  3. I've noticed when walking Murphy that we will occasionally meet another dog who goes straight for the nose to nose greeting or tail sniffing....straight for the balls. Murphy seems to enjoy it a lot....I've always felt a little like a voyeur so I don't let it go on for long....I tell people he is "bi"... the post about getting sick after eating a marrow bone...A good thing to do when their digestive system is out of sorts is to make rice...and make it with a lot of liquid with it and give them rice with ricy liquid to ease back to normal eating...