Monday, June 14, 2010

Ice Cream Koan

Yesterday, on Jackson's evening walk, we stopped by Meadow Park. An excellent local surf-rock band, 3rd Wave, was giving a free concert. And there was free ice cream.

I sat down on a bench and hoisted Jackson onto my lap. He tolerates that, especially when's he tired - yesterday was a classic Southern scorcher, mid-90's all day. Stacy went to get an ice cream cone. Vanilla, soft serve. She came back and took a few licks. Then she handed it to me and went off to Garnett's to pick up our dinner.

I took a few hits off the ice cream. Then I showed it to Jackson, putting it within licking distance. No chocolate, so no problem.

Still on my lap, he took a couple of licks. Then he stopped licking and started wriggling around. That's the put-me-down signal, and I complied immediately, because his thoughts were as clear as if he'd spoken them out loud: "Wow! Hey, this is important. I need to focus on this stuff I'm eating. Put me down!"

Back on terra firma, Jackson used his long tongue to good effect while I held the cone, and the ice cream vanished quickly. He was meticulous, though, about not biting the sugar cone, till I broke off a piece and gave it to him. That changed the cone from container to treat, and he absorbed it as well.


  1. We did the same...well without the dog component. And we sat and ate at Garnetts along with a brew. I knew two of the guys in the band from high school.

  2. they do tend to make short work of ice cream. Beware..your cone will never be 'your' cone again..