Wednesday, July 28, 2010

pork dogs

Last night, I gave Jackson some pizza. Not the usual "pizza bones" crust he loves - this time, I gave him the real deal. I slid a slice's worth of cheese, meatballs, and sausage into his bowl, and he vacuumed it down.

Today, Stacy told a friend about it, and the friend was concerned. She said that any form of pork is extremely dangerous for dogs, and that Jackson could get really sick.

I was skeptical. After all, we've got a big bag of pig ear dog treats that come from, uh, pigs. Jackson loves them, and he's been working them for a few weeks now. So I asked Dr. Google about pork dogs. And the first hit explains it all: raw pork is dangerous for dogs, as it is for humans. Properly cooked, pork is fine for all of us.

And I'm so glad that the first hit under "pork dogs" is not a porn site.


  1. If god had not meant for us to eat pigs they would not be made out of bacon...

  2. Trichonosis is really not a problem any longer. medium rare pork is fine now. When pigs ate trash in the streets..we had issues. The only issue with feeding him a whole slice of pizza, is the extreme fat content can cause pancreatitis. But that woudl be the case with any greasy meal. I am sure he enjoyed it immensely and my dogs will be very jealous. ;-)

  3. I have a retired grey too! They are such great dogs. I enjoyed stumbling across your blog today! Lol, much to my surprise, we learned a parasitology class that trichinellosis is a much bigger problem with wild game (esp bear).
    Thanks for posting!